The Foxtrot Firefly

Finding Ways to Make History Real and Relevant in a Technology Filled World

Tuppence in Time: Up and Running

Quick announcement post for you all: TUPPENCE IN TIME is now a website dedicated to my new serial! It follows the story of Tuppence Fothingill, a forensic pathologist, as she falls back in time to the year 1886. While the website is now live (and a short prologue is up), I have yet to set […]

The Overactive Imagination

Some of you may be aware (since I posted about it in March) that I am currently working on a mystery novel that takes place in the 1800s. This will have some rather familiar issues for people who are thinking about the 19th century in general – specifically the Victorian era, as it were. But […]

Kearny's Charge, Battle of Chantilly

History Chat: Divisions That Would Lead to Civil War

Dear God, yes… I’m responding to this. Why? Because this idiocy is the reason that history education is so important. (And in case you haven’t caught on, yes, I’m responding to the fact that a certain someone in the Office of the President apparently thinks the Civil War could have been avoided.) The original disagreements […]

Announcing: The Tuppence Fothingill Series

It’s amazing how much a story can write itself with a tiny speck of inspiration. This one is writing itself fairly quickly. (Quickly enough that my writing might not be able to keep up with my brain, but it all seems to be working out okay.) It will be awhile before any pieces of this […]

Understanding Failure

Just a couple days ago I was reading a New Yorker article on Mo Willems. Mo Willems is most famous for his Pigeon books, his Elephant and Piggie series, and for Knuffle Bunny. The Pigeon books started it all with Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. But what he points to in his interview with Rivka Galchen […]

The Science of Deduction

Yes, I’m writing a mystery novel. No, it’s not progressing well. I’ve hit upon the stumbling block that I haven’t done forensic research in a while, so I’m frustrated and reading as many books as I can get my hands on. Apparently my mind has come up with a victim, and a motive. But I […]

Enola: Chapter the First

Please note: The following story is in fact what we call fan fiction. This means that the author is playing around with characters, plot, and settings that were first conceived of by someone else. In this particular case, Enola Holmes is property of Nancy Springer and Sherlock Holmes is property of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The […]

Writing, Writing, Writing

It’s very rare these days (although slowly becoming less rare) that I have a day off in which to get things done. Those things are typically chores. (Today I got the oil changed on my car.) But what I really want to be using these days off for is writing. The trouble is the writing […]

Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing. The ideas bounce around, bumbling, rolling, hitting the walls inside my brain begging to be spilled out into the fathomless unknown of the world around me, wanting to be birthed and read and loved. And I look at them and think, ‘Yes. It’s time. You should come out now.’ […]