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Announcing: The Tuppence Fothingill Series

It’s amazing how much a story can write itself with a tiny speck of inspiration. This one is writing itself fairly quickly. (Quickly enough that my writing might not be able to keep up with my brain, but it all seems to be working out okay.)

It will be awhile before any pieces of this story make their way onto this blog, but they will be coming soon! Promise!

In the meantime:

Meet Tuppence Agatha Fothingill, a forensic pathologist from the present day. Suddenly finding herself stumbling around 19th century London is not exactly a place she wanted to find herself, surrounded by the worst of the worst as far as she’s concerned. But she has a talent for solving crime, and as long as she’s going to be stuck there, she figures she may as well put those talents to good use.

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