I Love to Read and Write Month

The month is almost over. The point being, I did a lot of artwork for February’s reading and writing celebration that I will likely never see again. So here are some pictures of our Hats Off to Reading and Where the Wild Things Are Displays.

EDU-6920: Education Research

Guiding Question: How can data collection and analysis improve my practice? Data collection and analysis are key tools in fully understanding everything that happens and how your students are learning. While I was using these tools in my dance teaching classroom and not in a school classroom, I found it important to try using these […]

EDU-5020: Literature for Children

Guiding Question: How do literature and media help children and youths learn, grow, and connect to the world? It’s said over and over and over again that children who read “do better”. What that means in the long term, I’m not sure, but what I can attest to as a reader and as someone who […]

EDU-6933: Moral Philosophy and Professional Ethics

How should we treat each other? That’s the guiding question for the course, and an important one (though seemingly innocuous at first) for an educator. And as a feminist, it’s something that needs to be really fully analyzed. I call myself a feminist for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one is for advocation. […]

EDU-5041: Promoting Inventive Thinking

“Guiding Question: How do contemporary definitions of literacy liberate educators to empower students’ inventive thinking?” One of the greatest things about literacy in the digital age is its diversity. It is more readily accepted that literacy is not simply the ability to read and write. It is the ability to communicate in meaningful ways. And […]

Thoughts: NHD and Feedback, Feedback, Feedback!!!

My copy of Teaching the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework: Exploring Inquiry-based Instruction in Social Studies came in the mail today. As I’m still a student in my education program, I get very excited whenever I get mail from the National Council for the Social Studies. It makes me feel more like a […]

Middle Grades Institute: Organization Strand

This week has been tremendously helpful as far as furthering my understanding of education and knowing not just where my students are coming from, but giving me ideas of how these things might be carried forward into high school.There’s a lot that is going to have to happen from within an existing system. As an […]