Kearny's Charge, Battle of Chantilly

History Chat: Divisions That Would Lead to Civil War

The original disagreements that lead to the American Civil War, just in case anyone forgot, had been apparent since before we declared independence from Britain. Let us not forget that slavery had been the center of the southern colonies economy long before we had even considered abolishing it. And not just that, but it was […]

John Adams

History Chat: The Earliest Constitutions

Most of the questions I have involving history are because I heard someone say something that didn’t quite line up with my existing knowledge. Either that or someone posed a question I didn’t know the answer to and had to look it up. Since I spend most of my time either in a classroom or […]

History Chat: Hamilton, An American Musical

Hamilton: An American Musical… Well, I was hesitant at first, to say the least. Rap is not exactly my favorite genre of music. But it’s a musical about a major player in American history – so I bought the album and listened to it. For the students. A majority of whom listen to rap. And […]