Tea steeping in a clear mug on a table.

Tea is a Serious Business

For someone who is an anglophile, tea is serious business. There are certain ways we like our tea. Some amongst us find it horrific to watch someone put milk in their Earl Grey. Others amongst us have been to Britain and know it’s common practice to put milk in Earl Grey and just accept us. […]

Tea steeping in a clear mug on a table.

Tea: The Cure to Aid All Ills

In parts, this post is going to continue on some topics brought up by the Scotland post. However, I think it’s important to write this as its own thing, particularly since so much of this is not only personal, but also more about growing up a tea-lover in the United States than it is about […]

The Art of Making Espresso

I have a list somewhere of things I’d like to try in my life time. In some cases, these things do not mean just try, but fully learn and understand. Many of you know that I am a wine, tea, and hot chocolate connoisseur (which I sometimes think is just a fancy term for fanatic). […]

Intro to Wine and Vermont Made Wines

It occurred to me that the Vermont wine category has not been thoroughly explored by many of the more discriminant wine fanatics. I’m not saying this is true for all of them, just a large portion. In fact, to the individual who is unfamiliar with wine, there are three places wine comes from: California, France, […]