The Foxtrot Firefly

Finding Ways to Make History Real and Relevant in a Technology Filled World

Eerie Silence

The world stood still. It was quiet. We could feel the shock. It was one thing at three am. But the world held on. The tears would not come any longer. The train station was quiet. The train car was quiet. No cars honked on the way into work. And Boston wasn’t alone. Arriving at […]

History Chat: The Earliest Constitutions

Most of the questions I have involving history are because I heard someone say something that didn’t quite line up with my existing knowledge. Either that or someone posed a question I didn’t know the answer to and had to look it up. Since I spend most of my time either in a classroom or […]

BOTM: Enchanted Islands Parts One and Two

Okay, so I admit, I’m starting this without actually finishing the book, but I needed to take a moment to stop and reflect. The first two parts of this book are really what lead Frances Frankowski to her job and mission in Navel Intelligence. I was beginning to wonder, honestly, when we were going to […]

Shadows of Sherwood: Eerie Hints of Democracy’s Downfall

For the first book of the summer to read off of the Dorothy Canfield Fischer 2016-2017 Nominee List, I read Shadows of Sherwood: A Robyn Hoodlum Adventure by Kekla Magoon. Below are my reactions. We have backup plans. And backups of backup plans – specifically for the situation that Shadows of Sherwood suggests. That doesn’t stop the […]

Down the Rabbit Hole

This blog post contains some spoilers for After Alice by Gregory Maguire. As the book was only very recently released, this warning has been put her as a courtesy.   After Alice by Gregory Maguire, if you have not yet read it, is a reintroduction to a world that doesn’t make sense. It is the dark side […]

Choreography: “Under Cover of Darkness”

This is the first post in this category, and depending on what else is going on, hopefully not the last. Changing studios and moving and all of that makes these things very up in the air, but I wanted to discuss the inspiration behind this piece because it makes me sound completely geeky – and […]

I Love to Read and Write Month

The month is almost over. The point being, I did a lot of artwork for February’s reading and writing celebration that I will likely never see again. So here are some pictures of our Hats Off to Reading and Where the Wild Things Are Displays.

History Chat: Hamilton, An American Musical

Hamilton: An American Musical… Well, I was hesitant at first, to say the least. Rap is not exactly my favorite genre of music. But it’s a musical about a major player in American history – so I bought the album and listened to it. For the students. A majority of whom listen to rap. And […]

EDU-6920: Education Research

Guiding Question: How can data collection and analysis improve my practice? Data collection and analysis are key tools in fully understanding everything that happens and how your students are learning. While I was using these tools in my dance teaching classroom and not in a school classroom, I found it important to try using these […]