The Foxtrot Firefly

Finding Ways to Make History Real and Relevant in a Technology Filled World

Web Design: The Growing World of Online Interaction

Everything these days is instantaneous. Planning events with friends, you’ll get answers within minutes of deciding to do something. You’ll hear from people you haven’t heard from in eons. If you want to do something for business with the web, it’s in your best interest to keep up with all of these ideas. Part of […]

An Account of An Angry Neighbor

There are times in life where we really just have to step back and realize that something in someone else’s life must have really gone wrong because otherwise that someone has no good reason to be yelling at you. Traveling the speed limit on your own street should not, in reality, set off your neighbors. […]

Get Up and Go

I can be a morning person. In fact, if I have something I want to do in the morning, I’m very much a morning person. But some days I just lack the necessary drive to be that morning person. These are usually the days that I don’t have work until noon. I should be doing […]

Lift Thingamabobber, “PTERODACTYL!!!”

If you don’t get the reference, it’s to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. They made up a rather large chunk of my childhood. In a rather random blast to the past the other night, a small group of my friends and myself ended up watching the first ever episode of Power Rangers on Netflix Instant Play, […]

Coffee Shop

One of the great things about working in a coffee shop beyond the previously mentioned learning how to make drinks with an espresso machine is getting to experiment with drinks I already know I like. Yesterday, I was asked to make a Cup of Lovin’. Basically, it’s a latte with a shot of syrup and […]

The Art of Making Espresso

I have a list somewhere of things I’d like to try in my life time. In some cases, these things do not mean just try, but fully learn and understand. Many of you know that I am a wine, tea, and hot chocolate connoisseur (which I sometimes think is just a fancy term for fanatic). […]

Intro to Wine and Vermont Made Wines

It occurred to me that the Vermont wine category has not been thoroughly explored by many of the more discriminant wine fanatics. I’m not saying this is true for all of them, just a large portion. In fact, to the individual who is unfamiliar with wine, there are three places wine comes from: California, France, […]

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

It’s a bit of a curiosity that’s sprung up, but has probably been coming on for a while. It all started with a simple observation: “Have you been moving the coasters on the side table around?” I asked my roommate a couple weeks after we moved in. “Huh? No, I haven’t.”

Out to the Ol’ Irish Pub

I have been wanting to go to Ri Ra’s in downtown Burlington for a long time. I’ve heard great things about it. There is also the fact that it is an Irish Pub. And for anyone who’s been to a real Irish pub in Ireland (or even if you’ve been to a pub in Britain […]