Production History

  • 2018
    • Panto 2018: 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas – Assistant Lighting Designer (ib/DCB)
  •  2017
    • Jekyll & Hyde: A Castle Hill Halloween Party – Dr. Lanyon (The Trustees)
    • [or, the whale] – Lighting Volunteer (Design by Chris Bocchiaro/ib)
    • Blood on the Snow – Producer/Front of House Manager (The Bostonian Society)
    • Everyman (Appolinaire) – Lighting Volunteer (Design by Chris Bocchiaro)
    • Panto 2017: The Princess and the Pea – Assistant Lighting Designer (ib/DCB)
  •  2016
    • The Great House of Frankenstein – Elizabeth Lavenza (The Trustees)
    • Angela Carter’s The Fall River Axe Murders – Tiny House Builder (ib/DCB)
    • “Wait for It” (AED/PFD) – Choreographer (Performer, PFD Only)
    • “Under Cover of Darkness” (EYDC) – Choreographer
    • “Jacqueline and the Beanstalk” – Contemporary/Modern Ballet (AED) – Choreographer
    • “Little Red Riding Hoods” – Pre-Pointe II Piece (AED) – Choreographer
    • Art (Hub Theater Company) – Lighting Volunteer (Design by Chris Bocchiaro)
    • The Glass Slipper (AED) – Choreographer, Lighting Designer, Co-Sound Designer, Assistant Stage Manager
  • 2015
    • Nutcracker Tea (AED) – Choreographer, Co-Director, Stage Manager, Sound Designer
    • Blood Wedding (Appolianaire in the Park) – Lighting Volunteer (Design by Chris Bocchiaro)
    • Under the Big Top (AED) – Choreographer, Technical Designer (Light & Sound), Assistant Stage Manager
    • Beauty and the Beat (AED) – Choreographer, Sound Board OP, Assistant Stage Manager
    • Kerplop! The Tale of the Frog Prince (ib)- Production Assistant
  • 2014
    • One Heart (AED) – Ballroom Dancer, Choreographer
      • “Bridesmaids”
      • “Ball Scene” – Viennese Waltz Section
    • “The Ice Queen and Her Fairies” Pre-Ballet/Staff Demo Piece (DJVT) – Choreographer, Ice Queen
    • Les Misérables (Lyric) – Costume Team, Assistant Lead Dresser
  • 2013
    • “Mother Gignone and her Polichinelles” Pre-Ballet Piece (DJVT) –  Choreographer, Mother Gignone
    • “The Swan Queen” (DJVT) – Choreographer, Swan Queen
    • Oliver! (Lyric) – Sound Crew
  • 2012
    • “Princess Aurora’s Danse D’anniversaire” (DJVT) – Choreographer, Aurora
    • “Little Auroras” – Pre-Ballet Piece (DJVT) – Choreographer
  • 2011
    • “Tangled” (Flynn Arts) – Choreographer, Dancer
  • 2009-2011
    • Ballroom Competitions: Manhattan Amateur Classic (New York, NY), Harvard Invitationals (Boston, MA), MIT Open (Cambridge, MA), UConn Husky Classic (Connecticut), Yale University Ballroom Competition (Connecticut), National Collegiate Dancesport Challenge (Columbus, OH), USA Dance Nationals (Baltimore, MD)
  • 2007
    • Shakespearean & Modern Drama – Actor: Rosencrantz & Guildernstern are Dead, Waiting for Godot, Star-Spangled Girl, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • 2006
    • Shakespearean & Modern Drama – Actor: Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Tempest
    • Don Quixote (WBC) – Villager
  • 2005
    • The Nutcracker (WBC) – Flower Lead, Snow, Spanish Lead, Marzipan Lead
    • Cinderella (WBC)
    • Little Me (WHS) – Tech Crew, Spot Operator
  • 2004
    • The Nutcracker (WBC) – Snow Queen, Candy Cane, Dew Drop Fairy, Snow, Marzipan
    • Swan Lake (WBC) – Odette
    • West Side Story (WHS) – Pit Orchestra
  • 2003
    • The Nutcracker (WBC) – Snow Queen, Maid, Dew Drop Fairy, Snow, Marzipan, Spanish Lead
    • Sleeping Beauty (WBC) – Fairy of the Song Birds
  • 2002
    • The Nutcracker (WBC) – Snow Queen, Snow, Marzipan Lead, Guardian Angel
    • Variations (WBC) – Swan from Swan Lake
  • 2001
    • The Nutcracker (WBC/Boston Conservatory) – Angel
    • Alice in Wonderland (WBC) – Flower
  • 2000
    • The Nutcracker (WBC) – Chinese Lead
    • The Secret Garden (Woburn Summerstock) – Friend of Mary, Maid
    • Cinderella (WBC) – Ball Guest
  • 1999
    • The Nutcracker (WBC) – Flower
    • Taming of the Shrew (Kidstock!) – Tailor
    • Guys and Dolls (Kidstock!) – Waitress
    • The Princess and the Pea (WBC) – Mattress
  • 1998
    • The Nutcracker (WBC) – Party Girl
    • Macbeth (Kidstock!) – Malcolm
    • Sea Wars (Kidstock!) – Doleia the Dolphin
    • The Red Shoes (WBC)
  • 1997
    • The Nutcracker (WBC)
    • Much Ado About Nothing (Kidstock!)
    • The Mooing Lisa (Kidstock!) – Monet daughter
    • Hello Dolly (Kidstock!)- Cartwheeling Waitress, Stage Manager
    • A Spring Gala (WBC)
  • 1996
    • The Nutcracker (WBC)
    • The Twelve Dancing Princesses (WBC) – Fairy
  • 1995
    • The Nutcracker (WBC) – Candy Cane
    • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (WBC) – Fairy
  • 1994
    • The Nutcracker (WBC) – Marzipan, Bunny in Battle Scene
    • Sleeping Beauty (WBC) – Fairy
  • 1993
    • The Nutcracker (WBC) – Polichinelle
Design by Chris Bocchiaro: Robin is the Accounts Receivable Manager for DCB and she occasionally helps out as a volunteer for various theater groups around Boston as a part of this role. Companies Robin has volunteered for include imaginary beasts (listed as ib above) and Hub Theater Company (listed as Hub above).
Electric Youth Dance Company: Robin took on the task of improving technique for three dance team levels, spread out in two classes of ballet. In addition to providing support in technique, Robin choreographed their ballet competition piece, “Under Cover of Darkness”. (Read about the inspiration here.)
Arabesque Etc. Dance, LLC: Robin joined the teaching staff of the newly opened studio in Richmond, VT in 2013. (Listed as AED above.)
Lyric Theatre: Robin got involved with Lyric in 2013 in an effort to become more involved in the local theatre life in the Burlington, VT area. She auditioned for Oliver! and then got involved with the sound crew. While not involved in the other 2013 production (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat), Robin auditioned for Les Miserables for 2014. While  she did not get in, Robin was on the costume team for the production as Assistant Lead Dresser.
Dance Junction: Robin joined the teaching staff of Jericho, VT based studio start up Dance Junction in 2011. (Listed as DJVT above.)
Flynn Arts: In an effort to find more Vermont dance classes at her level, Robin joined the Flynn Arts program in Burlington, VT. This program allowed her and two of her fellow dancers to put together a piece with Elizabeth Brody, and the end result was Robin’s 2011 piece, “Tangled”. Song choice was “Intro” by The XX.
Shakespearean & Modern Drama: Recommended to this Winchester High School class after she performed the part of Lady Macbeth for her Survey of British and Irish Literature class, Robin took Shakespearean & Modern Drama at the Honors level. The class focused on monologues and two-person dialogues beginning with A Midsummer Night’s Dream and soon moving on to Waiting for Godot and other modern works. Robin played Helena from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Miranda from The Tempest, Guildernstern from Rosencrantz and Guildernstern are Dead, Estragon from Waiting for Godot, Sophie from Star-Spangled Girl, and Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Winchester High School Theatre Department: For Robin’s first high school production, she was in the pit orchestra for West Side Story directed by Brian Milauskas. For Little Me, directed by Jason Van Dinter, Robin ran spots on the tech crew. (Listed as WHS above.)
Woburn Summerstock Theatre: In 2000, Robin tried out for a play in Woburn, MA. She played the part of a maid in a production of The Secret Garden, and was later cast as “friend of Mary” as her hard work and diligence also landed her as one of two other girls singing with Mary for “I’ve Got A Secret”.
Kidstock! Theatre: Starting in the summer of ’97, Robin began acting camp at Kidstock!, an acting institution in her hometown geared toward training young actors. She spent a few weeks every summer there until her last summer in 2002.
Winchester Ballet Conservatory: Starting in 1993, Robin danced with the Winchester Ballet Conservatory for The Nutcracker and a spring gala until her last day with the company in 2006. From January of 2003 on, she also began assisting with dance classes until she was teaching them herself. Most of her stage experience has been with the Conservatory as she was an integral part of many of the shows. (Listed as WBC above.)